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Afternoon Program

Our Afternoon Programs are designed to provide an option for students to meet their educational needs, sports and artistic, an educational, fun and entertaining way, which leads them to develop their potential.

Our evenings have different educational proposals so that their children can take advantage and use it to learn in a fun and creative environment.

MLC School offers Extracurricular afternoon classes to enhance all the different skills as well as tutoring programs, Music classes, Ballet classes, English level classes, Art class, Math tutoring, Debate Club, Book Club, Robotic Classes, Reading and writing tutoring and homework assistance.

Plastic Arts:


This class includes drawing, painting, modeling and sculpture. In addition, to teach them about colors, shapes, textures and the concepts, they encourage the representation of their experiences, the download of emotions, and the development of the fine motor skills . In these classes, we work with the hands on activities, aim in improving their education, develop their motor skills, etc.

For These classes it´s needed materials that are requested during the course of the year.

Ballet Class

These classes develops the technical bases as well as continues to foster creativity and freedom of movement.
-The dance contributes to the exercise of the coordination and agility of movements, as well as the balance.
- It is a good option to reduce the stress and overcome shyness.
- Dance facilitates the circulation of the blood and the skin tone. The respiratory system and vascular also benefit from this activity.
- Many of the bad posture (while sitting and walking straight) arising from the sedentary life are corrected with the dance. The head and the body upright and the harmonious step improve the physical presence.


Robotic class 

Education now in days, Robotics helps address the growing demand for teaching science, technology, engineering and maths in schools. As well as exemplifying technology directly by programming the robot, students also learn about science, engineering and maths and get an understanding of how these subjects link together. We use the VEX IQ program. 

Music Class:



The music is a means of communication as much or more effective than the words for some children, especially if your language is not developed. In addition, music facilitates the expression of their thoughts and feelings, and allows them to express their creativity, from early childhood and throughout adulthood. We offer Piano lessons, Guitar classes, Flute lessons and Rhythm Band for toddlers.

Hip-Hop Classes

- Fight the overweight, obesity and high cholesterol levels.
- Strengthen the muscle groups and enhance flexibility, strength and resistance.
- The dance is a good method to overcome loneliness and shyness.
- Allows you to release tension.
- The sound of music reduces stress, anxiety and depression, since it helps to express emotions and channeling the adrenaline. Dance lifts your mood and raise self-esteem.
-Promotes confidence in oneself and the clarity of thought.

Sport Program 

We offer Volleyball, Basketball, Chess, Football. Sport promotes good physical and mental development of children. Helps them to integrate more socially and to acquire fundamental values, in addition to collaborating in the proper development of their bones and muscles.

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