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The educational activity, oriented by the pedagogical principles of this project will have in MLC School the following purposes:
1. The full development of the student personality. 
2. The respect of the rights and fundamental freedoms and in the exercise of tolerance and freedom within the democratic principles of coexistence.
3. The acquisition of intellectual habits and working techniques, as well as scientific knowledge, humanistic, historical and aesthetic.
4. The empowerment of physical education and sports, acquiring authentic sports culture in all of its areas: physical exercise, sports, hygiene, nutrition, etc.
5. Training for the exercise of professional activities.
6. The training in respect for linguistic and cultural plurality.
7. The readiness to participate actively in the social and cultural life.
8. The training for peace, cooperation and solidarity among all people. 

On basis of the above principles and with the characteristics of the age of the various levels taught, MLC School proposes to:

1. Ensure that each student reaches its maximum potential intellectual, physical, aesthetic, moral and affective, constantly exercising their capacities and qualities.
2. To stimulate interest in the scientific knowledge, training the students to distinguish between what is important and the trivial, between truths and views, between values and counter values.
3. Develop the strength and critical thinking of the students, enabling them to study and reflect to succeed in their job.
4. Build the capacity of creative response to situations and different problems.
5. Develop the capacity of expression of bilingual pupils in all its forms, so that they can communicate with fluency in both languages.
6. To train students to work in teams, respecting the peculiarities of their peers.
7. Promote physical education and sport to ensure that our students know and value their body through physical activity, enjoy their possibilities of motor and participate in games, physical activities and sport.
8. Promote the personal relations cordial and peaceful as a means to achieve a society of freedom and justice.

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