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MLC High School level, we promote academic excellence, human and spiritual life of our students through our curriculum.

Our curriculum of media has as purpose that young people achieve the maximum intellectual potential, will lay the foundations for bilingual education, are encouraged to practice sports , and access to scientific and technological knowledge. At this level, students work in processes of self- reflexivity and training to define their future and confront the world with the solidity, security and commitment that contributes to the education of the Montessori School Learning Center, giving the student a wide panorama opened and intercultural that extends its vision of the world and places it into the demands of globalization.

MLC School offers opportunities inside and outside the campus for students to participate in activities to promote the implementation of the values that we promote. Young people are involved in institutional projects as Ecological Project, Brigade of first aid, Social Work, School Newspaper and Student Council. These, complemented with sports activities and academic and cultural skills, allow them to assume their commitment to society and to the search for the common good that strengthens its leadership.

High School 

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