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English Class

This program is designed for learning and improving  English language.

- By learning another language helps children to be aware that the world is constantly changing and that there is an appreciation for differences and an understanding of different points of view.
- Children become more creative and develop better the problem-solving skills. Helps them to program the brain circuits of the child so that later it´s easier to learn more languages.
- Helps them to be more understanding and tolerant and respectful of cultural identity, the rights and values of others.
- Helps them learn more their mother tongue and to use it more effectively.
- In our future, the labor market will require individuals who now not only dominate English, but more languages.


Tutoring Classes

Our Homework assitance program has as objective to ensure that the child will develop their assignments with the oversight and guidance that warrants; It is directed to perform tasks and helps them create, consolidate and develop their own habit to study.

Taller de Matemáticas

Our Math tutoring class has as objective to create love and passion for mathematics and to ensure its the knowledge. Evaluate the skills of the student and instruct in the knowledge of this science through educational materials and different educational resources that will strengthen this area of knowledge.

Our tutoring class is designed for the teacher to support a student or a group of students; in a systematic manner, seek to achieve objectives of an area or several areas of knowledge and using techniques of personalized teaching, with the purpose of contributing to the comprehensive training of the student.

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