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MLC School Elementary bilingual curriculum responds to national and international standards, and our program of English has as the terminal objective that students can communicate fluently both orally and in writing. Oriented teaching and learning to the development of competencies that lead to the attainment of the academic autonomy in both English and Spanish.

The pedagogic practice of the center is characterized by a personalised education and active methodology, so that every child will give the best of themselves. The Montessori motto, "Help Me to do it by myself" can be considered the synthesis of the educational style of MLC School. To achieve this motto, there is a cordial attitude on the part of the student and a climate of communication and uninterrupted dialog on the part of the members of the educational community.

Our educational goals are aimed at all times by:
1.The development of skills that contribute to the development of critical thinking of each student.
2. The freedom of the student to express their views freely and with respect.
3. An open attitude, simple and natural that favors the confidence.
4. The dynamism and joy, trying to print to all relations the atmosphere upbeat.
5. The cordial presence of the educator who lives constantly with the students.

In the Elementary level, we work in the consolidation of the training in the values pillars of the Montessori philosophy, where responsibility, respect, the common good and the autonomy charge value in the daily performance of the students.

Elementary Level

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